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Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD

What's Holonus

A well-designed system will eventually not require any specific operating companies and can be "autonomously" sustained only by application developers and its users.
This is a product with extremely strong durability at business / organizational level, combined with a unique economic design = an incentive design for each player.
In addition, Holonus, which aims for developer-friendly design, can easily build DApps and deployment to Holonus due to the existence of the Holonus API.

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise, you can create your own decentralized application using the Holonus platform as a basic solution for transactions and transfers of various data.
Various data in this context is not only text data. Holonus supports all contents such as audio and video.

The platform supports transfers of various digital assets and transactions on blockchain through the Holonus system applications and participant interactions.


Holonus exists because it provides a platform that allows anyone to freely use blockchain and carry out economic activities.

Toward the realization of DAO
Economic design on the Holonus platform allows application developers and contents creators to receive incentives at the stage of their motivation and more proper rewards for value creations in the whole market.
Holonus frees people from the hierarchical structure that remains in modern society and enables the realization of a true DAO economy.
Contribution to a horacracy organizational economy
Holacracy is a concept that is regarded as a next-generation organizational structure in which each member of organizations has no title, or hierarchical relationship, and individuals have a right to make a wide range of decisions according to predetermined rules. In this horacracy concept, we believe that Holonus provides realistic solutions to organizations of application development.
Platform of individuals, by individuals, for individuals
Holonus is a platform where transaction reliability is guaranteed by "the group of users" itself.
The small sales commission is directly returned to all platform users including developers, not operators, and a main purpose is to build an unprecedented economy with complete DAO.
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Holon IEO is carried out through IDCM.

IDCM is an exchange licensed through alliance partners from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (ATRC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

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